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Xeriscape Services in Las Vegas, NV


Lawns and traditional landscapes can be water guzzlers, which is troubling for anyone living in an area with conservation regulations or who can’t be bothered with routine irrigation. Fortunately, you don’t have to have to grow a lot of greenery to create a beautiful exterior. Talk to Keny’s Landscaping about our xeriscape services in Las Vegas, NV, to learn how we design landscapes that need little to no irrigation.

Xeriscaping may be an unfamiliar term, but you’ve likely seen it before. These water-conserving, drought-tolerant properties are achieved using special soils, mulch, and limited turf. Instead, desert plants like cactus and succulents become the star of the landscape. Reach out today to learn more about your design options and how you can benefit from this “dry landscape” approach..

Balancing Beauty with Conservation

Xeriscape Beauty

A xeriscape is easy to maintain once it is installed, but good thought must be put into its design for it to be successful. As an experienced xeriscape contractor, we know how to make this approach work in the Nevada climate. By discussing your goals and concerns with you, we design a xeriscape that strikes the right balance between natural beauty and water conservation. You’ll enjoy showing off your property to visitors—and you’ll love how much you save on your water bill.